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"Having therapy really helped me - knowing that I could talk to someone was reassuring and useful."
"Psychological therapy has helped me in ways that I cannot even explain. I've felt like someone has listened to me and helped me. If anyone is thinking of counselling they should definitely go through with it as it can really help."

Integrative and Pluralistic Therapy, Brighton

Integration in counselling highlights the need for different therapeutic schools to look beyond the confines of their modality and explore other contributions to therapy and psychological change. What unites therapeutic practitioners from different disciplines who define themselves as integrative is a move towards pushing the boundaries of any one purist approach and embracing diversity from the various therapeutic schools.

More recently a pluralistic perspective and pluralistic approach to therapy has been put forward. The pluralist perspective highlights that there is no one best set of therapeutic methods. That in fact, different clients will benefit from different methods. The pluralist approach has two central tenets; that lots of things can be helpful to clients and that if we want to know what is helpful, we should talk to our clients.

This specialised and collaborative approach is practiced by Dr Farrah Collins.

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